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Portneuf Medical Center is a human milk Donation and Outreach Center and part of the Mothers' Milk Bank (MMB) network. MMB is a Colorado-based, nonprofit program benefiting women and babies nationwide. Portneuf Medical Center will safely transport the milk donations to the Denver facility where they will be pasteurized and distributed across the country to babies whose mothers cannot supply sufficient milk for their needs. Portneuf has used donor human milk for babies who need supplementation through this program.

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Women interested in giving the gift of human milk may fill out the donation screening form on Mothers' Milk Bank website, or call 303-869-1888. For more information on MMB and its efforts to provide milk to babies who need it nationwide, visit

Breast Milk Donations

If you would like to donate your extra breast milk to the Mother's Milk Bank, the Portneuf NICU is a collection site. To get started, you can visit, or call 303-869-1888 or toll free 833-234-0555. They provide free blood testing for you and give you a donor milk number for you to be able to bring your donated breast milk to us. 

Once you have completed the screening process and received notification of eligibility, we can accept your donations. Unfortunately, you must be eligible to be a milk donor before we can receive your donation.

Donations accepted between 2pm and 6pm

Monday - Friday or by appointment 

Please contact our NICU at 208-239-2255 to schedule an appointment, if needed.

Please bring the frozen breast milk between donation hours (above) and call the NICU at 208-239-2255. We will meet you at the door and collect your donation. Your breast milk will then be transported to Denver to the Mother's Milk Bank.


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