Breast Surgery

Our surgical team at Portneuf Medical Center includes experts in oncoplastic surgery, which is an approach to breast cancer removal surgery that improves cosmetic outcomes. To achieve this, surgeons perform a lumpectomy while incorporating plastic surgery techniques to preserve the physical appearance of a patient’s natural breasts.

There are several oncoplastic surgery options based on breast cancer characteristics, the patient’s body, and the patient’s preferences. A surgeon may reposition nearby breast tissue to fill in the space left after the cancer is removed to prevent dents in the skin and make the incision in a less visible place. Another option is for the surgeon to remove the breast tissue containing cancer and perform a breast reduction, lift, or both during the same procedure. If needed, the surgeon can make adjustments to the other breast to ensure a balanced appearance.

If you are seeking breast surgery, oncoplastic surgery increases the range of options available to you while enabling better aesthetic outcomes. The ultimate goal of oncoplastic surgery is to minimize the effect of breast cancer removal by leaving you immediately whole without significant deformity or asymmetry.

Our highly skilled breast surgeons recognize that breast surgery is deeply personal. We believe in the power of partnership with our patients to determine an effective treatment plan that prioritizes your health and preferences.

Service Providers

Mara A Additon, MD
Breast Surgery, Department of Surgery, Trauma and Post Trauma Injuries

Hannah E Caulfield, MD
Breast Surgery, Department of Surgery

Katie J. Fritz, MD

Katie J Fritz, MD
Breast Surgery, Department of Surgery, Trauma and Post Trauma Injuries