Emergency Air Transport

Idaho’s Oldest Flight Program

Portneuf’s legacy for providing quality air transportation to those who unexpectedly find themselves threated by life’s unforeseen situations dates back to 1983; Portneuf Medical Center via Bannock Regional started the first air ambulance service in the state of Idaho. Since its inception in 1983, Portneuf has flown thousands of flights within Idaho, Wyoming and Utah, responding to emergencies in various terrains, weather and critical situations. Portneuf Medical Center is proud to partner with Classic Air to provide rotor and fixed wing critical care air medical transports to Idaho and Wyoming. To learn more about Classic Air , click HERE We are dedicated to providing quality care in the air, in our emergency department and delivering a continuity of excellence in emergency care from the minute 911 is called until that individual is admitted to our emergency department.

Air medical transport for you & your family

Emergency air ambulance services are extremely valuable to your community and save lives each and every day. Patients who have been transported by air ambulance because of critical illness or injuries sometimes are surprised when the bill arrives. Insurance typically only covers part of the cost. Rest assured the charges are both reasonable and necessary to support this vital life saving services in your community.

Membership plans can protect your financial security and help minimize costs. Affordable air ambulance membership plans can mean financial protection from these unanticipated costs.

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