Spinderella donates $23,000 to Cancer Patient Assistance Fund

“You have cancer.”Portneuf Cancer Center staff being presented with a check by the Spinerella board members Those are never easy words to hear. But for a number of patients, while simultaneously managing diagnosis and treatment, they are struggling with unexpected expenses. Today, Spinderella presented the Portneuf Cancer Center with a check for $23,000. Their generous donation will make a huge difference in the lives of many who are faced with the emotional, financial and physical effects of a cancer diagnosis. Amy Sorenson, Spinderella volunteer/participant, breast cancer survivor and one time recipient of the patient assistance fund feels that being a part of the women’s cycling group was an important part of her recovery. “Being a part of something bigger than me helped,” Sorenson said. “When diagnosed, you are scared and you can only see medical costs,” Sorensen said. “When you get into treatment, you start to feel the mileage of time away from work, kids and friends. You feel the pinch of eating meals out, travel, co-pays and mounting expenses. Soon I was in a whirlwind of financial burdens and stress. I am very thankful they have the Patient Assistance Fund; it made a difference.” The Cancer Patient Assistance Fund provides financial assistance for patients who experience disruption to their income and increased medical expenses as a result of a diagnosis of cancer. Examples include gas and transportation, home utilities, lodging/housing, groceries, medications, and basic cost of living expenses. Each case is reviewed for approval by a team at the Portneuf Cancer Center. “We will split the donation between the Cancer Patient Assistance Fund and the Shannon Potter Fun Fund, with the majority going to the Patient Assistance Fund,” said Robb Dye, LCSW Portneuf Cancer Center. “It is common for cancer to interfere with a person’s ability to earn a living and when you add on top of that the out of pocket expenses of medical care, a fund like this becomes essential in the lives of many people.” In 2016, Spinderella had 1,300 participants. “With such great support and enthusiasm, we were able to donate over $38,000 to deserving organizations in our community,” said Shannon Dixon. Registration for this year’s event is already up. Visit www.imathlete.com and search for Spinderella 2017. For more information about Portneuf Cancer Center, please visit Portneuf.Org.