Sports Injuries – Where to Go and When

Is that injury just a bump, a nasty bruise or something more? While head injuries and concussions are of significant concern, there is a range of non-head related injuries that can sideline an athlete; these can include sprains, broken ankles, torn ligaments, lacerations, pulled muscles and other ailments. In fact, any injury that results in swelling, numbness, intense pain or tenderness, stiffness, loss of flexibility or a symptom that persists that affects an athlete’s performance should be examined by a doctor. If pain progressively increases with activity, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. sports-med-trailer Fortunately, for southeastern Idaho athletes, Portneuf Sports Medicine Institute offers a very comprehensive program that includes the full spectrum of injury prevention, care and rehabilitation. Care is extended to all middle and high school athletes as well as the Southeast Idaho Youth Football League, Gate City Youth Soccer and the Idaho High School Rodeo Association. The continuity of care and across-the-board coverage is unmatched in the state of Idaho.

The Portneuf Sports Medicine Institute offers free evaluations of student athletes at various locations:

Onsite Trainers at the High Schools:

Onsite certified athletic trainers are at Century, Highland, Marsh Valley and Pocatello High Schools as well as at athletic events. The trainers are skilled in injury assessment and management of sports-related injuries. Experts can address a wide variety of sports related issues and concerns right there on the sidelines.

Sports Medicine Institute Trailer:

The Sports Med Trailer is located at Hawthorne Field during all Southeast Idaho Youth Football events. Onsite trainers offer free evaluations to all middle and high school athletes injured during an athletic event.

Bumps and Bruises Clinic:

For non-emergent sports injuries that occur during the week, Pocatello Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine sponsors the Bumps and Bruises clinic. The free clinic is offered from Labor Day through Thanksgiving. It is open each Saturday morning beginning at 10am. Staffed with physicians, physician assistants and physical therapists, we offer care and consults to all student athletes. Athletes are seen on a first come, first serve basis.

PMC Emergency Department:

In the event of an emergency, the physicians and staff at PMC’s emergency department are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The primary goal of the Portneuf Sports Medicine Institute is to treat athletes in a way that allows for early, safe and efficient return to play. From wellness to nutritional counseling to state of the art surgery and sports rehabilitation, Portneuf Sports Medicine and Pocatello Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine are renowned for our ability to keep student athlete at their very peak of performance. On or off the field, you can count on us to care for your family.