Thousands Attended Brake for Breakfast

Every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. In fact, Portneuf Cancer Center treated about 100 women with breast cancer in 2017. To kick off the month of October, Portneuf Medical Center proudly sponsored the 19th annual Brake for Breakfast. While locally over 2,800 people attended the event, it is worthy to note, Brake for Breakfast events are held throughout southern Idaho and western Wyoming. Combined, participating co-op hospitals successfully reached over 12,000 people. “We are sharing useful and important information in a high energy, fun community event,” said Jill Adams, Event Coordinator. “We are looking forward to celebrating our 20th year in 2019.” While the event is fun and free, the event organizers want to stress that the goal is to remind women to perform monthly self-exams, to schedule routine clinical exams and to get a yearly mammogram after you pass into the fabulous forties or earlier if you are in a high-risk category. Mammograms are a very effective, highly accurate diagnostic tool for locating and diagnosing abnormal breast tissue. Timely detection can aid in diagnosis and treatment. Statistically, early detection decreases breast cancer mortality in women by 30 percent. Finding cancer early increases a woman’s chance of survival. Peace of mind and early detection are just a phone call away. The best prevention is early detection! Call and schedule your mammogram today 208-239-1500. Mark your calendar now for the 20th Annual Brake for Breakfast, October 2, 2019