September 9th, 2015

Giving back through service is a fun and effective way for many seniors to stay engaged with the community. At any given time, Portneuf Medical Center may have 40 to 60 volunteers on hand to help assist patients and staff with daily to-dos, and many of these helpers are seniors. Volunteering can be emotionally, mentally, and physically beneficial for adults later in life, offering opportunities to connect, stay active, and care for others.

Specifically, volunteering may:

  1. Decrease depression. Surrounding yourself with others may reduce loneliness and stress often caused by social isolation.
  2. Enhance self-confidence. Helping your community comes with a certain sense of accomplishment, direction, and optimism.
  3. Improve physical fitness. Just getting off of the couch pays dividends when it comes to health. Walking regularly may improve cardiovascular health and decrease stress levels.
  4. Stimulate the brain. Being busy and active can help reduce the symptoms of dementia.
  5. Widen social circles. Volunteering offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with others.

“Volunteers who are retired or who have experienced loss and illness themselves or with family are such treasured assets,” says Monica White, Director of Volunteer Services with PMC. “They know what a lot of our patients are going through and have so much to teach everyone.”

Interested in volunteering with PMC? Visit Volunteer Page Online, Call 208-239-1155 or stop by the information desk to pick up an application.

Imagine driving to the hospital entrance and heading inside to your medical appointment without having to find a parking space or walking a long distance. At Portneuf Medical Center, this is reality.

On April 10, 2015, PMC launched a valet parking service in conjunction with the PMC shuttle, which takes riders to various locations on the hospital campus. Patients arriving at PMC’s 600,000-square-foot facility can stop at the south hospital entrance, leave their cars with the valet attendant, and go inside for their appointment or take the shuttle to another hospital entrance.

The response time from PMC valet parking attendants averages 60 to 90 seconds, and the valet parking lots are covered to offer an extra layer of safety and convenience. After your appointment, you don’t have to scrape ice from your windshield or risk walking on an icy or slippery sidewalk.

“It’s really convenient to be able to pull up right to the front door,” says Rich Pottorff, Facility Site Supervisor at PMC. “Whether you’re staying overnight or dropping in for a short visit, our valet parking and shuttle services make it easier to access care.”

The PMC valet parking and shuttle services are available free of charge, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call (208) 244-4279.

From Health Wise — Fall 2015
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