Michael T Callaghan, MD

October 26th, 2015

The centerpiece of the Portneuf Cancer Center is the tumor board and multidisciplinary clinics. While these are important components of our clinical cancer program and keys to successful cancer management, many patients are unfamiliar with what a tumor board is and what role our multidisciplinary clinics plays in their cancer treatment.

The Tumor Board is an expert team of physicians and specialists who meet regularly to discuss and review the medical condition and treatment options for each cancer patient. With cancer, no case is simple and no case is routine. Each patient and each tumor is unique. When we collaborate as a team and discuss diagnoses and evaluate each tumor, we are able to develop the best treatment options for our patients.

When a patient’s case is brought to the Tumor Board, it greatly benefits their care. In these roundtable discussions, pathology and radiological images are reviewed by medical oncologists/hematologists, radiation oncology, surgeons, radiologists and pathologist. Input and review from multiple specialists helps ensure each patient receives the best care.

Our multidisciplinary clinics, such as our combined Breast Cancer Clinic, are there for the benefit of the patient. Since most cancers require multiple doctors and services, coordination of care is critical to successful treatment. In fact, many of our successes in cancer management are directly related to the interaction among the physicians.

Newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, rather than scheduling individual appointments with a surgeon, with an oncologist and then with a radiation oncologist, we bring all the experts together in a single appointment for our breast cancer patients. It is a one-stop shop for patients to meet their cancer care team. The combined breast cancer clinic significantly reduces the amount of time between diagnosis and treatment and it saves patients travel time and associated costs.

We find that patients are best served when their medical team is working together, communicating often and sharing insights on their patients. With decades of experience in caring for cancer patients, we know the value and importance of providing comprehensive, compassionate care in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We offer our patients the strength, hope and companionship they need to deal with this difficult time. Each of our patients can take comfort in knowing that a multidisciplinary team is coordinating every aspect of their care both in combined appointments with the patient and behind the scenes with other medical experts. You or your loved one will never take the treatment journey alone.

Treating cancer patients, for all of us at Portneuf Cancer Center, is more than just health care. We want to offer our patients faster, gentler, yet highly effective treatments that improve, prolong and even save lives. By pioneering significant innovations and clinical solutions for treating cancer, we are helping to advance the standard of human care. To learn more about the cancer therapies or to speak to someone in the Center, call 208-239-1750.

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