Portneuf Medical Center Celebrates 100th TAVR

  In 2015, our cardiovascular team performed a historic valve replacement, the transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), on a 76-year-old gentleman. At the time, only a handful of major medical centers were equipped to perform the technique and Portneuf Medical Center was the only rural hospital in the country and the only hospital in Eastern Idaho to offer the life-saving operation. Fast forward to today, Portneuf Medical Center proudly celebrates its 100th TAVR. Leland Hill, who worked for the ISU bookstore for 37.5 years, was one of three patients scheduled for a TAVR on the day Portneuf performed its 100th procedure. “I drove up, checked in and had the surgery,” Hill said. “I had my first pacemaker put in by Dr. Grigera. All three of my stents were done here at Portneuf. I don’t know why people would go anywhere else when you can get it done here. The doctors are so gracious and talented.” TAVR is a minimally invasive procedure that allows a surgeon to fix a severely narrowed aortic valve without having to open up a patient’s chest. It is approved to be performed in facilities with a high level of cardiac and heart surgery experience. Basically, a stent based aortic heart valve is placed into the body via a catheter that is inserted through an incision in the groin/leg. It is then threaded up the heart through the arteries “That day we had three TAVR cases,” said Jacob DeLaRosa, MD. “Several new technologies, including TAVR, have evolved to address conditions that were previously considered inoperable or not amenable to surgical treatment. With such a talented cardiovascular team here at Portneuf, we continue to advance and stay abreast of the latest procedures and advancements.” As your regional leader in cardiovascular care, we don’t just want to be among the best in the region; we want to be among the best in the nation. To reach Portneuf TAVR and valve clinic, call 208-239-2580. Dr. DeLaRosa is double board certified in cardiothoracic surgery and general surgery.