Portneuf Medical Center Implements Revised Visitation Policies

In response to the local increase in COVID-19 community spread, hospital admissions and emergency room visits, Portneuf Medical Center is revising its visitation policies. As of today, Friday, October 2, 2020 at 4 p.m., only on-duty staff, physicians and patients seeking care may enter the hospital or our clinics. Recognizing the critical emotional and/or physical support provided in specific circumstances, exceptions to this policy include: • Delivering mothers (one companion/visitor) • Pediatric patients (parents/immediate caregiver) • Ambulatory care and same-day surgery patients (one visitor) • Developmentally delayed adults • Hospice patients; end-of-life care “The health and safety of our patients, their families, and team members are our top priority at Portneuf Medical Center,” stated CEO Jordan Herget. “In order to protect our patients and staff from the increased level of COVID-19 in the community, we are restricting visitation privileges.” Dr. Daniel Snell, chief medical officer of Portneuf Medical Center, added: “We are implementing this policy change in an abundance of caution to keep our healthcare staff and providers safe and protected, allowing us to safely care for our patients.” Portneuf Medical Center strongly encourages the public to follow the COVID-19 safety precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to wear a mask or face covering and observe 6-foot distancing guidelines in public and wash your hands frequently with soap and water. We also encourage everyone to get a flu shot to further protect our community from contagious disease.