Level II Trauma Emergency Services

The hour immediately following a serious, life-threatening injury or accident is commonly referred to as the golden hour. If prompt, precise medical care is administered within the hour, a patient’s chance for survival increases significantly and long-term effects of injury are decreased. Portneuf Medical Center’s trauma team is here; ready to respond during that golden hour.

Level II trauma center status is a verification granted by the American College of Surgeons. We maintain our trauma center verification by providing round-the-clock coverage for all trauma emergencies, performing rigorous performance improvement and patient safety and offering trauma outreach education.

It is important to note that all hospital emergency rooms are not equally staffed to care for internal injuries, head injuries, heart attacks, strokes and spinal cord injuries. Non-designated trauma center emergency departments may only be staffed by an emergency physician and mostly likely do not have a trauma team ready to respond.

Designated trauma center emergency departments must follow strict requirements for staffing, specialist availability, response times, training, quality improvement and community education. And most importantly, trauma centers must have a high level surgical care team available to respond to trauma 24 hours a day.

Portneuf’s emergency department and trauma center is available 24 hours a day and ready to respond to trauma situations that may involve multiple injuries. We know that trauma often involves different organs and the care of such often requires diagnostic resources and a comprehensive medical team trained to care for injuries to the neck, abdomen, chest, vascular systems and extremities.

While our trauma team excels in the care of patient with injuries, burns, complex wounds, infections, head and neck injuries and critical care surgery, our surgical team also offers a full range of inpatient and outpatient elective and general surgical services. As a regional referral trauma center of excellence, we are building partnerships throughout the area so we can assist, consult, educate, establish protocols, transport and care for trauma needs in the region.