Hernia Center of Excellence

A Higher Level of Surgery

More than 600,000 hernia repairs are performed in the US each year, making it one of the more common general surgical procedures performed. If you’ve been diagnosed with a hernia, surgery is likely. The good news, patients whose surgery is performed at a high-volume, nationally accredited institution tend to have better outcomes.

Symptoms of a hernia may include swelling, bulging, tenderness or pain in your abdomen, stomach, or groin. Some hernias can get worse over time, but surgery can help make a difference for many patients. If you are living with pain from a hernia and have been thinking about surgery, don’t wait any longer.

Choose Experts in Hernia Care

Hernia surgery is complex, so it is important to choose a surgeon who has vast experience in treating hernias. Our surgeons are committed to providing the highest quality of care for patients who undergo hernia surgery, and you can trust that their experience will help ensure you have the best possible outcome. In fact, Portneuf Medical Center is nationally recognized by the Surgical Review Corporation as a Center of Excellence for Hernia Surgery.

As an accredited Center of Excellence in Hernia Surgery, the team delivers advanced care for even the most severe and complex hernias. And, our lead surgeons, Jorge de Amorim, MD and Drew McRoberts, MD, both hold the distinction of Surgeon of Excellence for Hernia Surgery.

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The surgeons are experienced and highly skilled in open, laparoscopic and robotic hernia repair.

Service Providers

Jorge E De Amorim Filho, MD
Department of Surgery, Hernia Center of Excellence, Trauma and Post Trauma Injuries

Drew McRoberts, MD

Drew W McRoberts, MD
Department of Surgery, Hernia Center of Excellence, Trauma and Post Trauma Injuries