Adult Intensive Care Unit

Patients in the Intensive Care Units may have unrestricted visitation. Clinically valid restrictions may be necessary in the following situations:

  • Visitors are involved in abusive, disruptive, or unsafe practices.
  • Behavior of visitors that creates a direct risk or threat to the patients, families, staff, or others in the immediate environment or is disruptive to the functioning of the patient care unit.

All families, partners in care, and guests must be free of communicable diseases and must respect the hospital’s infection control policy. If an outbreak of infection requires some restrictions for public health, staff will collaborate visitation with the patient and the patient’s family, or partner in care. Nurses and others on the health care team may provide guidance to patients, families, and/or partners in care in regards to ensuring safety, quality of care, care planning, and decision‐making, and how to support the patient during the hospital stay. We recognize the individual needs of patients, family, and partners in care to visit vary from one situation to the next. Please feel free to discuss your needs with the ICU interdisciplinary team. The number of people welcomed at the bedside will be determined in collaboration with the patient, the patient’s chosen support person, and hospital staff. To maintain patient privacy, visitors are asked not to walk about the unit but to limit their visit to the patient’s room. Children

  • Will not be restricted by age.
  • Are expected to remain at all times with the adult who is supervising them.
  • Children’s behavior will be monitored by the adult and nurse to ensure a safe and restful environment for the patient(s).

The Director(s) of the patient care area will work with the patient, their representatives, and support persons to resolve disagreements concerning visitation.