Adult Intensive Care Unit

Individual patient and family needs are unique and varied. Nurses and providers, as well as other members of the care team, may provide guidance to patients, families and/or partners in an effort to ensure safety, quality of care, planning, decision making and how to support the patient during the hospital stay. Please feel free to discuss your needs with the ICU interdisciplinary team.

Visitation will be discussed upon admission to the ICU. In many cases, visitation guidelines for the patient will follow the general hospital visitation policy. Visitors may enter the hospital through the Emergency Department entrance between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. Visitors are asked to consider the patient’s need for times of uninterrupted rest and privacy. To maintain patient privacy, visitors are asked to refrain from walking throughout the unit and should limit their visit to the patient’s room.

Please discuss the visitation of children with the interdisciplinary team.

Restrictions may also be necessary based on the following:

  • The patient’s condition and required interventions
  • Emergency situations in the unit
  • Visitors are involved in abusive, disruptive or unsafe practices
  • Behavior of visitors creates a direct risk or threat to the patients, families, staff or others in the immediate environment or is disruptive to the functioning of patient care in the unit

All families, partners and guests must be free of communicable diseases and must respect the hospital’s infection control policy.