Perioperative Services

Pre‐Op Visitation:

  • In our Pre‐Op area, visitors are welcome to visit their family member before surgery.
  • Please be advised that there are circumstances where a surgery time may be delayed. Our staff will do their best to keep family members updated with any changes.
  • There are instances when visitors are asked to return to the waiting area so that the doctors and nurses can prepare the patient for surgery.

The Recovery Room (PACU):

  • The PACU provides immediate care for patients after surgery. The surgeon will speak to the family in the waiting room when he or she is finished; however, the patient is still in the operating room waking‐up during this time.
  • You can anticipate that recovery will usually last 1‐1 ½ hours.
  • The PACU is a very busy patient care area. In order to provide the necessary care and privacy for all patients, visitation is restricted in the recovery room. Please understand this allows the nurse time to concentrate on the patient's needs.
  • Our staff will keep family updated on the patient’s condition.

Discharge Area (Step Down):

  • In this area, the patient is prepared for discharge from the hospital.
  • Each patient is allowed two visitors in the discharge area to allow adequate room to take care of the patient and provide privacy for other patients.
  • Nurses will review the home‐going instructions and prescriptions with the patient and his or her family members at this time.