Behavioral Health Unit

We thank you for visiting your family and friends. To help insure the safety of our patients we ask all visitors to adhere to the following safety precautions. We understand there are often many questions about what is and what is not allowed during your visit, please let us know if you have any questions:

  • Visiting hours are limited to allow our patients the time necessary to engage in the therapeutic program and meet with their clinicians:

Weekdays 4:00pm ‐ 5:00pm and 7:30pm ‐ 8:30pm

Weekends 3:00pm ‐ 5:00pm and 7:30pm ‐ 8:30pm

  • Only 2 visitors are allowed at a time.
  • Before your visit, you will be asked to sign in acknowledging the confidentiality expectations of visitation to the Adult Behavioral Health Unit.
  • You will be asked remove all items from your pockets/person and leave your purse/backpack/bag in the locked cabinet in the conference room until you are ready to leave.
  • Please do not give any items directly to the patients, for safety issues all items brought on to the unit must be monitored.
  • Only commercially prepared food and commercially sealed non‐caffeinated drinks are permitted AND must be consumed during the visit, any leftovers must be taken by visitors or thrown away.
  • Visiting is to occur in the Day Room only.
  • Visitors under 18 years old must be the child/children of the patient and must have made prior arrangements. State laws prohibit minors being on an adult mental health unit.
  • Please only bring necessities and only 3 changes of clothing. Items brought in must not have strings, must be clean, and appropriate. Other clothing items such as pajamas, extra shoes, sweaters are allowed on a minimal basis. Laundry facilities are available.
  • Previous patients of PMC’s Behavioral Health Services may not visit until he/she has been discharged from the unit for 30 days or longer.
  • Please be courteous of others by:
    • No profanity or offensive language.
    • Limiting displays of affection, a brief hug/kiss upon arriving and leaving only.
    • Wearing appropriate clothing (not provocative, no offensive slogans, no drug/alcohol/violent references).
    • Confidentiality is a priority and expected by all visitors.
    • Refrain from arguing and upsetting the person you are here to visit and/or others.
    • You will be asked to leave or not allowed to visit if your presence is too upsetting for others.

Thank you again for your patience and cooperation in helping us maintain a safe and the environment. Please contact the Nurses’ Station at 239‐2571 if you have any questions.